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Andy Griffith

Movement Formula
  CF Power Scripts has changed the game for taking funnel performance to the next level. It's incredibly simple and easy to use. My online business performs even better because of it. Thank you for creating this!!

Andy Griffith

Movement Formula

Dr. Dyan Haspel-Johnson

Self Hypnosis For Healing
  CF Power Scripts allowed me to easily install a reCaptcha onto my opt in pages. It is well designed and has videos walking you through everything. Everything about CF Power Scripts is simple and vastly improved my funnels. Awesome!

Dr. Dyan Haspel-Johnson

Self Hypnosis For Healing

16 FREE Power Scrips


reCAPTCHA v2: Uses Google reCaptcha V2 to add a I'm not a robot checkbox to your funnel and prevent bots and automated scripts from submitting your forms.

CF Tab Title

CF Tab Title: Reduce your funnels bounce rate by dynamically changing the browser tab title when users unfocus your page to catch their attention again.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel: Adds the basic Facebook Pixel tracking code to your funnels. This allows you to create custom audiences based on the urls (steps) a user visited in your funnel.

CF Member SignUp

CF Member SignUp: Adds the 'create account' link to your members area's login page.

CF Affiliate Badge

CF Affiliate Badge: Changes the link of the ClickFunnels affiliate badge to a link of our choice.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager: Adds Google Tag Manager to your funnels, funnel steps and/or pages.


NeverBounce: Adds real-time email validaton to your funnels.

CF Image Bump

CF Image Bump: Add images to your order bumps.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics: Easily add the Google Analytics tracking code to your funnel(s). Optionally with the Anonmize IP parameter for GDPR compliance.

CF Redirect

CF Redirect: Redirects visitors to a defined URL.

ClickMagick Action Tracking

ClickMagick Action Tracking: Adds ClickMagick's tracking pixel to track actions.

ClickMagick Engagement Tracking

ClickMagick Engagement Tracking: Adds ClickMagick's tracking pixel to track engagements.

LinkedIn Insight Tag

LinkedIn Insight Tag: Adds the LinkedIn Insights Tags to your funnels.

Pinterest Tag

Pinterest Tag: Adds the Pinterest Tag to your funnels.


Smartlook: Adds the Smartlook JavaScript to your funnels.

Twitter Tag

Twitter Tag: Adds Twitter's Universal Website Tag to your funnels.

10 Community Edition Power Scripts

CF Affiliate Badge CE

CF Affiliate Badge CE: Use ClickFunnels affiliate badge to promote whatever you want by changing the link and image.

Facebook Pixel CE

Facebook Pixel CE: Adds the basic Facebook Pixel to your funnel, including event tracking for Leads and optionally Initiate Checkout.

reCAPTCHA v2 Invisible

reCAPTCHA v2 Invisible: Adds the invisible Google reCaptcha v2 integration to your funnels. Users don't have to interact in any way and bots a blocked automatically.

CF OFA Timer

CF OFA Timer: This script replaces ALL Countdown 2.0 timer elements with new countdown elements that always count down to the next OFA.

Facebook Lead Tracking

Facebook Lead Tracking: Track Facebook's Lead event on all locations where users may opt in.

CF Multi Bump

CF Multi Bump: Add multiple order bumps to the same order form.

CF Redirect CE

CF Redirect CE: Redirects visitors to a defined URL, but allows you to add your IP as exception so you can still view your funnel page.

ClickMagick Click Tracking

ClickMagick Click Tracking: Adds ClickMagick's Click tracking for campaigns to your funnels.

Custom JavaScript

Custom JavaScript: Manage your third-party custom code through CF Power Scripts. Including your CF Pro Tools scripts.

Pinterest Lead Tracking

Pinterest Lead Tracking: Adds Pinterest Lead tracking to your funnels.

17 VIP Power Scripts

CF User Data

CF User Data: Personalize your funnels by showing your customers name, email and/or phone number.

CF Pretty Bump

CF Pretty Bump: Update the look and feel of your order bumps with just a few mouseclicks.


reCAPTCHA v3: Adds the invisible Google reCaptcha v3 integration to your funnels. Users don't have to interact in any way and bots a blocked automatically.

Conversion Tracking Addon

Conversion Tracking Addon: Provides the core logic for all conversion tracking PowerScripts.

CF Members Area 2.0

CF Members Area 2.0: Improves the look and feel of your member areas by making them fully responsive and providing dynamically created (dropdown) menus.

Facebook Conversion Tracking

Facebook Conversion Tracking: Adds conversion tracking to your funnel.

CF Multi PopUp

CF Multi PopUp: Add multiple popups to the same funnel step.

Facebook Custom Events

Facebook Custom Events: Track custom events like initiate checkout or addtocart

Google Analytics Ecom Tracking

Google Analytics Ecom Tracking: Adds Google Analytics eCommerce tracking to your funnel.

Pinterest Custom Events

Pinterest Custom Events: Allows you to track custom events on your funnels.

Pinterest Conversion Tracking

Pinterest Conversion Tracking: Adds Pinterest Conversion Tracking to your funnels.

CF Dynamic OTO

CF Dynamic OTO: Offer different Up- and Downsells depending on the product purchased by the user.

Facebook Pixel VIP

Facebook Pixel VIP: Adds the basic Facebook Pixel to your funnel including full conversion and lead tracking.

Facebook Pixel OTO

Facebook Pixel OTO: Adds the required values to successfully track OTO pages.

CF reBounce

CF reBounce: Protects your senders reputation by preventing bots from submitting your forms and validating emails in realtime through NeverBounce.

CF Order Total

CF Order Total: Adds an order summary to your funnel.

Twitter Conversion Tracking

Twitter Conversion Tracking: Adds Twitter Conversion Tracking to your funnels.

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