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CF Tab Title

CF Tab Title: Dynamically change the browser tab title whenever a visitor leaves the page.

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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager: Adds Google Tag Manager to your funnels, funnel steps and/or pages.

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reCaptcha v2

reCaptcha v2: Uses Google reCaptcha V2 to add a `I'm not a robot` checkbox to your funnel and prevent bots and automated scripts from submitting your forms.

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CF Redirect

CF Redirect: Redirects visitors to a defined URL.

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NeverBounce: Adds real-time email validaton to your funnels.

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Custom JavaScript

Custom JavaScript: Add custom JavaScript script to your funnels, steps and/or pages.

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reCaptcha v2 Invisible

reCaptcha v2 Invisible:

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CF Redirect CE

CF Redirect CE: Redirects visitors to a defined URL, but allows you to add your IP as exception so you can still view your funnel page.

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reCaptcha v3

reCaptcha v3:

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