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Status: Done | Request ID: #8 | Suggested by Vlad W. on 04/22/2020 at 21:04:05 | 2 Votes

xVerify Integration.

Hey guys, do you think that you can Add a Real-Time Email Verification script that uses xVerify for the integration, instead of only Neverbounce? 
I am LOVING CF Powerscripts, and I think that as you bring more and more quality scripts, other people won't be able to help but sign up and take advantage of this platform more and more. 

Alot of marketers use Clickfunnels for various reasons. List Building is definitely one of them. The thing about Never bounces' real time validation system, is that it is very generic and No frills. It can also do a better job of filtering out bogus emails. The email box turns Red if the email is invalid or incorrect. That's it.  Also, when I have cleaned thousands of emails with Neverbounce, and then cleaned that SAME LIST with xVerify.... xVerify was able to get rid of a significant amount more invalid emails.

Also, xVerify's integration right now, without using CF Powerscripts is pretty cut and paste. I would just love a smooth integration via CF Powerscripts! 

The other kool thing about xVerify's real-time integration, is that they allow you to customize messages to your users. So if an email is invalid, it will say "invalid email". If you have blocked certain top-level domains from your opt in form, like aol or something, then the message will read: "Please register with a different email account". Etcetera. It's very professional, and since i run thousand sof dollars in native ads every month.... Alot which deal with an older demographic, it helps to spell things out for them, and not just give them a red box, with no explanation. And again, we can CUSTOMIZE those messages if we want. And xVerify cleans better for the same price.

They are an awesome service, and their pricing is Right on par with Neverbounce!! True Story. I am signed up with BOTH, so i know. Truthfully, I am signed up with 3 Email Verification Services. The other one is Email Oversight which is the best of them all... but not many people know about them. 

Anyway, If you can do this, I will definitely spread the word to my other internet marketing friends about this, because generally speaking, CF Powerscripts ROCK already!

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